Athletics NSW and ACPE provide opportunities for students to gain industry experience

by frank-stuart

Athletics NSW and the Australian College of Physical Education (ACPE) have announced a partnership between the two companies which will provide valuable opportunities for ACPE interns to gain practical experience in sports management, and for Athletics NSW to gain valuable resources into the sport.

“It’s great to have a number of  young vibrant and intelligent students in  the office to help the  staff. Not only does it enable us to undertake more work, but it provides us with new  innovative and creative ideas that every new generation brings,” said James Matthews, Participation Manager at Athletics NSW.

The partnership sees the opportunity for those who are interested in making a career out of the rapidly growing sports industry to “get their foot in the door” and provide professional industry  experience.

“Our strengthened partnership with Athletics NSW is a win-win for both organisations… ACPE students gain invaluable industry experience to complement their academic studies, and Athletics NSW gains a pool of enthusiastic, career focused interns and support staff,” said Mark Straney, Career Development Manager at ACPE.

The partnership also allows for high performing athletes to strike up the perfect balance between their sport and studies. ACPE is widely renowned for their flexible course structure which is a perfect fit for Athletics NSW members.

“We are excited about deepening this mutually beneficial relationship with Athletics NSW in support of our goal to be the higher education provider of choice for Sport, Health, Education and Dance,” said Mark.

The collaboration between ACPE and Athletics NSW also goes beyond providing opportunities for ACPE students to get industry experience. Both organisations are continuing to look for opportunities to work together in a number of other areas.

“We know that ACPE provides high standard education in sport. Athletics NSW also conducts high level coach education and we will be looking to offer our coaching courses into the ACPE education syllabus moving forward,” James Matthews said.

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Athletics NSW and ACPE provide opportunities for students to gain industry experience
(L to R): Katie Dunn – Assistant Competition Manager at NSW Athletics, James Matthews – Participation Manager at NSW Athletics, James Contantine – ACPE student, and Mark Straney – Career Development Manager at ACPE

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