The Body Coach Paul Collins turns love of fitness into international brand

by frank-stuart

When international author Paul Collins started his studies with ACPE in 1993, he knew he wanted to build a wealth of knowledge to educate people around the world. What he didn’t foresee was just how far this quest would take him.

Paul has since advised elite sporting bodies such as the Australian Rugby League, and coached Olympic champions and elite sporting teams including the Australian Karate Team. He has even landed an international book deal, with more than 20 of Paul’s books now sold worldwide and translated into multiple languages.

Paul also brings to the table his insights as an accomplished athlete in his own right, having played grade rugby league at national level, and competed as an Australian National Budokan Karate champion and NSW Masters Athletics Track and Field State Champion.

“I have loved being able to combine all my hobbies, passions and specialties into the one brand. Not only do I teach others about fitness and weight loss through my books, I have also created The Body Coach® DVDs, educational programs and exercise products which are now sold through the world’s largest retailers including WalMart, Sears and,” said Paul.

Paul says the dynamic nature of his career and the variety it offered were the aspects he most enjoyed.

“I’ve been running since I was a child and now I’m running Fastfeet® training camps. I get to teach athletes how to correct their posture and balance to optimise their performance. I’m showing coaches how to become rounded and skilled across multiple areas, and I love it,” said Paul.

When reflecting on his studies with ACPE, he said the intensive schedule of work placements helped graduates enter the industry ‘job ready’.

“With ACPE you not only learn to become a teacher, you also learn to develop programs and that is a very valuable skill to have,” said Paul.

Paul Collins

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