Things to consider for a career in dance

by frank-stuart

If you want to turn your passion for dance into a bursting career, these are some of the things you’ll need to consider.

Learn your craft

Yes, you have an interest and an aptitude for dance, but you’re unlikely to launch your career in dance without learning the craft. Just like any other profession, the more you know the better you will be. Aside from the physical aspects of the dance, you should gain knowledge across the entire field – including dance styles, history of dance, choreography and teaching dance. Being well-informed and thoroughly learning your craft will help you significantly when pursuing a career in dance.

Take classes

Just as you should get a well-rounded knowledge about dance, so to should you learn how to be a versatile dancer. You can do this by taking classes to try out different dance varieties. You can – and probably will – definitely specialise in a specific dance genre. But being well-versed in different dance forms will increase your employability. You should take as many different dance classes as you can from different sources – studios, workshops, master classes.

Pick a style

There are many different forms of dance – classical, hip hop, ballet, jazz, modern – and you should pick your niche. You could master more than one dance form, but determining your style will really help you launch your dance career.

Learn choreography

Yes, it’s fantastic to dance. But learning to choreograph and create new movement on your own is equally as important. It takes creativity, patience, education and practice to be able to choreograph a new dance, but it’s a rewarding process. Plus, it raises your employability skills when pursuing a dance career. It will significantly help if you want to set up your own studio or want to teach dance. You might even decide to become a choreographer yourself.


The best way to land your dream dance career is to get out there and network. They say that “it’s about who you know…” and that’s true in dance as well. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and network. You could even design your own website, blog or social media page to network and get your work out there. Talk to friends, family, colleagues and fellow students to see if there are any opportunities for you to pursue.

Consider a degree in dance

Studying a dance degree will not only teach you new techniques and skills, but also put you ahead of the competition when searching for a dance career. Learn about your dance degree options at ACPE >

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