Fast Facts About a Career in Dance Teaching

by frank-stuart

If you’re passionate about dance as an art form and keen to work with teenagers, a career as a dance teacher in high schools is the right pick for you. Here’s everything you need to know about dance teaching.

  • Dance teachers are responsible for teaching students to engage in artistic and physical activity and to explore issues of personal development
  • Teaching dance is perfect for those who have good practical ability in dance and music, and would like to encourage and motivate others to develop their skills
  • Dance teachers train and develop their pupils in all types of dance. They work with individuals and groups of all ages
  • Dance teachers are employed across three different types of schools: Private, Government and Catholic
  • You would be responsible for creating dance and physical education programs, coordinating extracurricular dance activities, choreographing dance works for events and staging school musicals
  • Dance teachers are passionate about education, inspirational, dedicated, patient and creative in their art form
  • Employment prospects for dance teachers in secondary schools is positive in Australia and employment is expected to increase
  • Dance teachers are usually qualified to teach at least one other subject such as PDHPE, drama or performing arts
  • With the right experience, you can progress from a graduate teacher to head teacher position
  • Most Dance teachers start off working casually and then move into part-time or fulltime employment
  • According to Payscale, a dance teacher earns an average wage of $25.57 per hour with annual salary anywhere between $32,240 and $97,028
  • Dance teachers work normal school hours but might be required to work weekends or evenings if preparing for a performance
  • Some have chosen to work instead in the private studio industry. Graduates may also choose to further their studies with a Masters degree. You can also pursue employment in private dance schools, at colleges or adult education centres or self-employment.
  • Once you have decided to become a Dance Teacher, you will need a background in dance and a degree in education to teach in secondary schools.


ACPE offers the Bachelor of Dance Education, which provides you with the skills dance technique and performance, composition, and dance history and appreciation. Learning to teach Dance is supplemented with learning to teach PDHPE. The Bachelor of Dance Education can also be used as a stepping stone to performance, choreographing and teaching careers in the broader dance industry; or to further study. You can also enter via an alternate pathway by beginning in the Bachelor of Applied Dance.

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