Fit for purpose

by frank-stuart

Everybody knows that for most people their job is just that thing they do to pay the bills. The pain starts around 9 in the morning and lets up around 5. Thankfully, the real you is allowed to come into existence for a brief moment called The Weekend. Which is fine. You’re not supposed to love your work. That would be like cheating. Wouldn’t it?

Fortunately, some people are blatantly disregarding the rules and doing what they enjoy for a living. Felicity Deane-Butcher is unrepentant before the charge of enjoying her work: “I never dreamt I would be able to make a career out of something I love so much.”

Although passionate about fitness from an early age, Felicity always thought of sport as a hobby – more an aspect of her personality than a genuine professional pathway. A university degree in Interior Architecture was commenced but not completed. A worthy discipline, but her heart just wasn’t in it. An overseas trip to scout for inspiration led to a renewed emphasis on what would make her happiest. Her enthusiasm for fitness topped the list and a visit to the Australian College of Physical Education soon followed.

“From the moment you walk through the door, the vibe at the college is great,” Felicity says, recalling her first visit to the ACPE Sydney Olympic Park campus. “Access to the Olympic Park facilities is a unique drawcard for anyone with a love of health and sport. I found it very inspiring because it’s a place where outstanding athletes all share the same passion.”

“I was also impressed by ACPE’s smaller size, which meant I was treated as a person rather than a Uni ID number.”

Strange things can happen when people align with their true calling. “I found the huge practical component something to be enjoyed. The ACPE process is about mastering knowledge through first-hand experience, then cementing it further through teaching others. That is what the ACPE Coaching degree did best, and it has consistently proved a successful approach in my work.”

That work involves a thriving Outdoor Training business based around multiple Sydney locations. Established in 2008, just a year after her graduation from ACPE, FDB Fitness & Coaching allowed Felicity to leverage post-ACPE qualifications in PT, Strength & Conditioning Coaching, and Fitness. “Thanks to the extensive skill-sets I already had from ACPE, these Certificates were acquired largely through Recognised Prior Learning (RPL). Now, with over 25 sessions a week and more than 50 clients, I am able to enjoy a mix of one-on-one, group sessions, and corporate groups.”

“I started FDB with the desire to use my passion and expertise to motivate others. In return, I get motivated by seeing improvements in my clients. As a trainer, it’s incredible to be taken on their journey, and there’s no better reward than knowing you’ve helped facilitate an amazing life change. Getting up at 5am every day has its challenges, but being self-employed is extremely rewarding. I’m so fortunate that what started as a hobby is now my career.”

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