How Melissa Brydon is passing her passion for sport and fitness on

by frank-stuart

When you love all aspects of sport and fitness, as Melissa Brydon does, it’s exhilarating to teach in the industry.

“I was an ACPE student and when I started studying I thought I’d become a PE teacher at a school,” Melissa said. “It seemed like a logical move after my sports career, but while I was at ACPE, I realised there are so many different career paths within this incredible industry.”

Melissa now lectures at ACPE. “Although it took me a while to get comfortable walking into the staff room with my former teachers, I really enjoy working here,” she said. “I’m teaching people who have a genuine interest in sports and fitness. They are here because they want to learn how to succeed in this industry.”

Melissa draws on her experience as a professional golfer and now AFL player to explain some of the concepts that she teaches. “It helps to bring theory to life with real examples,” Melissa said. “Plus it gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge and passion for sport.”

Despite being involved in sport all her life, there are aspects of her current profession that surprised Melissa. “There’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes. While I knew this was the case, I didn’t appreciate the extent of preparation required to teach,” she said.

Of her five units, Melissa enjoys teaching Inclusive Physical Activity (IPA) the most. “It’s a subject I enjoyed while I was studying,” she said. “I did a couple of work placements related to IPA, which looks at physical activity levels of different population groups.”

During her second placement, Melissa looked into safe and inclusive exercise for pregnant women at Active Mum. She ended up working there, eventually becoming the manager while she finished her ACPE studies.

“Work placements give you a feel for what to expect after you finish studying,” Melissa said. “I always recommend them to my students for two reasons – you gain real experience and, if you’re prepared to put in some extra effort, you may end up with a job.”

“There is good general awareness about ACPE in the industry – it’s a definite advantage to have an ACPE degree, but you’ve also got to make the most of any opportunities that are available. Just don’t sit back and watch. Get up and show them what you’ve got.”

Melissa certainly applies this advice to her own life. Not one to sit back, she is also studying a Masters in Exercise Rehabilitation part-time. “I’m riding the wave – of work and study in the sports industry – with passion. I’m confident it will pay off.”

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