How to get jobs in sports sponsorship

by frank-stuart

Why dream about working for a professional sporting club when you can make it a reality? If you want to be part of the fast and furious world of elite sport, then sports sponsorship could be what you’re looking for. These days it’s hard to avoid the reach of sports sponsorship. It’s all over sporting arenas, on television, magazines, and on sporting equipment. It’s huge business, and if you want to be part of it, then perhaps you should consider working towards jobs in sports sponsorship.

Every time you see an athlete wearing a Nike cap or Adidas tracksuit, or driving a Formula One car emblazoned with brand names, or hear a stadium carrying a company name, someone in the sponsorship department had a lot to do with it. Sporting bodies are always competing for the corporate dollar, and sponsorship professionals are required to be right in the thick of it, getting the best deal for both buyer and seller. Just think about how many more people are now aware of vitamin company Swisse thanks to all those athlete endorsements!

Sponsorship is a win-win situation

Because sport is extremely popular and athletes are idolised, companies can clamour to have their names associated with certain clubs or sports stars, while on the other end of the spectrum some sporting entities can be crying out for sponsorship to ensure they remain viable. It’s the role of a sports sponsorship professional to negotiate with sporting organisations and companies to strike a deal that satisfies both parties.

Companies choose to sponsor clubs or athletes because of the potentially lucrative impact of wide-spread brand exposure, but often these companies are run by people who are incredibly passionate about sport, and want to see a certain league, club or player flourish. Sport heavily relies on sponsorship, and the people who are responsible for increasing sponsorship dollars can play a major role in the success of a sporting organisation.

What role could you play in sports sponsorship?

As a sports sponsorship professional, it’s likely that part of your role could be convincing companies that it’s worthwhile to be financially invested in a sporting body. You would promote the benefits of increased exposure, a growing consumer base and a more responsive public. Sponsors can also directly interact with the public through a variety of campaigns. By becoming associated with a club or athlete loved by their loyal fan base, companies can develop an emotional relationship with the public.

There are a variety of roles within sports sponsorship. Jobs in sports sponsorship can include an account executive, marketing officer, sponsorship manager, sports agent or event planner. It really depends on where your interests and strengths lie. If you want a career that combines your love of sport with business, then sports sponsorship could be for you.

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