Kick-start your career in athletic management

by frank-stuart

Have you ever thought about combining your love of sports with a highly rewarding business career in athletic management? Imagine being responsible for building the brand of a sporting superstar, being entrusted with generating buzz around a massive sporting event, managing a football club’s finances, negotiating contracts, and scoring deals for athletes.

Career Pathways

These are just some of the roles that fall under the broad category of athletic management. It’s a career path that can take you down a number of avenues, such as…

  • Marketing
  • Financial planning
  • Professional Development
  • Event Management

As varied as they can be, all sports management jobs have one thing in common – they promote the best interests of athletes and sporting organisations.

Typical Day

This is not a nine-to-five office job. It’s an exciting career that can take you all over the globe and to some of the world’s best sporting events. You may have a professional duty to your sporting clients, but it’s likely you will become much more than a business acquaintance. You could be a life organiser, friend and confidant. You can have a big say in an athlete’s career or a sporting organisation’s direction.

Think about why some athletes have enormous profiles compared to their peers. It may have a lot to do with their sporting prowess, but the people behind the athletes are crucial to maintaining and bolstering their profile.

Publicity and the media

A successful athlete creates the opportunity of widespread media exposure. A smart athletic management professional can take advantage of that success by generating publicity and landing sponsorship deals and endorsements for their client.

Consider the publicity that surrounded Israel Folau’s defection to Aussie Rules. He began to appear in commercials before even playing a major game of AFL football. Australians adore swimming sprint king James Magnussen – but how much has the clever nickname “The Missile” helped boost his profile? Or how about surfing champion Stephanie Gilmour, whose world-beating achievements, glossy magazine photo shoots and television appearances have combined to make her a household name?

People in sports management jobs don’t just work for current day athletes – often they are involved in preserving the ‘brand’ of retired sportspeople, whose market value seemingly diminishes when they retire. Several retired sportsmen and women still have ever-present profiles, due to regular media appearances, managerial roles in sporting bodies, and endorsements. Athletic management professionals usually have a big hand in securing these opportunities.

Studying an ACPE sports business degree could help you to kick-start a richly rewarding career in sports management. Whether it leads to a job for a national sporting body or a not-for-profit organisation, the sports business degree can equip you with the skills to work your way towards your dream sports management job.

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