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by frank-stuart

The success to any organisations is hiring the right personnel. And when you’re looking for work, there is a certain process that recruiters go through. Check out these steps involved in the recruitment process to get a better idea of what happens when you start searching for work, and what recruiters are looking for.

The plan

When recruiters first hire a candidate, they devise a plan about what they actually want the candidate to do, and what type of candidate they need for the role. Questions that recruiters would ask themselves include:

  • Why do they need to hire?
  • Is the workload temporary or permanent?
  • What will the job entail?
  • What traits will the employee need – professional skills/experience and personal characteristics?
  • Who is responsible for the hiring decision?

The perfect job description

Once the recruiter knows what criteria they want and need, the next step is to create the perfect job description. The job description will feature an overview of the job – skills, experience and characteristics required, and the day-to-day – but be exciting so the right people apply. Sometimes when they want to screen the best candidates, they might ask for extra items – for example, dance performance clips or written tests.

Collect applications and screen candidates

Generally, recruiters will first advertise internally within the company and get employee recommendations. They will then advertise on bigger sites such as Sportspeople, Seek and Career One. LinkedIn and social media posts – Tweets/Facebook – are also popular. Once the job ad is up and the recruiters have enough responses, they will start screening candidates match the criteria, and only those suitable are invited forward to the interview stage.

The interview process

The interview process can be lengthy and often-times involves more than one type of interview. There may be an initial phone interview followed up by a face-to-face interview. Skype interviews are also becoming commonplace, particularly with remote candidates.

During the interview, the recruiter will ask you job-specific and general questions to make sure you are the right fit for the role, team and company culture. You might be asked to name scenarios to demonstrate your skill. There will probably also be a mix of formal and informal questions – such as your favourite hobby, how you spend your weekends – to learn about your personality. You might also discuss salary expectations.

Offer and trial period

Once a recruiter has found the perfect candidate they will make you an offer and hire you. It’s quite common for roles to also have trial periods anywhere between 3 to six months.

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