Qualities you need to be a PE Teacher

by frank-stuart

If you’re studying to become a PE Teacher, aside from some killer qualifications, you’re going to need the right personality to match. Here’s a list of top skills you’ll need to succeed.

Teaching Skills

It goes without saying, but bears writing, that to become a PE teacher, you need the qualifications. Studying a PE Teaching course will get you on your way to becoming a skilled and motivational educator. You will be required to follow the curriculum and teaching content specific for different grade levels, and also administer PE classes – both practical and theory. As a result, it’s imperative to the have the best – nationally recognised – qualifications.

Athletic Skills

They say that “those who can’t do teach”, but in this case, PE teachers must be skilled in their subject areas. You have to be a good role model for students, so should practice what you preach. This should be reflected in your health, athleticism and attitude towards fitness.

Motivational Skills

Considering your role is to motivate students, PE teachers are expected to have exceptional interpersonal, communication and motivational skills. You should foster this motivation be demonstrate excellent sportsmanship, teamwork and be enthusiastic about their work. You should also be supportive and encouraging, and reward success. And, don’t forget, you should make classes fun.

Organisational skills

Becoming a PE teacher requires being very organised and paying attention to detail. There is a lot of planning that goes into coordinating classes and creating compelling lessons for students. You also need to take attendance, organise excursions, be trained in first aid and be prepared for emergencies that might arise. It’s important to be punctual and reliable and flexible.

Communication skills

Becoming a PE teacher requires a high level of communication skills. You are in constant contact with students, explaining activities and demonstrating skills. You need to be an exceptional and effective communicator, who comes across confidence when speaking to students. This is important not only when organising outdoor activities, but in the classroom as well as you instruct students in health and wellness.


It’s important that you have a passion to work with students because working with young people can be a demanding task. A PE teacher must be dedicated to holistic care and passionate about interacting with students.

So, you want to be a PE Teacher?

ACPE’s PE Teaching courses offer a diverse range of practical experience and geared towards providing you with skills in physical education, personal development, health and human movement. If you do not have the prerequisites you can enter via an alternate pathway by beginning in the Bachelor of Health and Movement degree. If you successfully complete this, you may apply to change to the Bachelor of Education (PHE).

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