Success leaves Clues

by frank-stuart

One of the greatest skills that I’ve been advised to develop is the ability to study people that are successful. Regardless of the field or area they work in there are always common traits, skills and standards that when applied to your career will assist you develop faster than those around you.

When reflecting on the people that have assisted me to shape my career they all fell into three areas:

  • Athletes
  • Coaches
  • Business people

Amongst this group I could highlight three areas that add to their success:

1. Common Focus and Direction

Successful people have a clear and focused goal – as a strength coach one of your rolls is to manage development of your athlete. Changes to the wider program and outside influences like Uni or school can affect the timeline and the ability for your athlete to achieve established goals. Understanding the bigger picture will assist you to navigate these challenges and allow your athletes achieve their ultimate goal.

2. Develop of Systems and Structures

All great businesses spend a lot of time and effort designing systems and structures to assist their team to continually and consistently complete their work at the highest level. Managing multiple athletes through weekly training structures including strength, speed, power and support sessions including recovery can easily get out of hand. Developing systems for athletes will allow you to easily guide multiple athletes through your daily and weekly training structures.

3. Understand your Professional Brand / Brand Image

Easily stated, your professional brand is what people think of you in the work place. Successful people understand that how they are perceived impacts career prospects and income. Would people consider you competent, enthusiastic, driven and punctual or would people generally say “they’re a good coach but???” Teams, institutes and athletes alike want to know that their programing has been developed by the best person possible. When your reputation is a good one you stand out from the masses, providing you with greater opportunities.

Regardless of if you’re eventually self-employed, employed on a contractual basis or work within an organisation, the skill set of successful people can easily be modified to add to your skillset as a strength coach and rapidly increase your development in the industry.

Geoff White (Ba App Sci, MSci S&C ) has been pursuing an interest in athletic development for over a decade that has provided coaching and lecturing opportunities in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Japan.  Geoff currently holds a management position with NSWIS as well as coaching athletes in Track and Field, Kayak, Hockey and Wheelchair basketball. Geoff can be contacted through NSWIS.

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