Thinking of changing career?

by frank-stuart

Do you think it’s important to enjoy your job, or do you view it as just a necessary part of life? People spend so much of their lives at work that it can have a major affect on their general happiness. It’s not uncommon for people who feel unfulfilled in their current job to consider changing career – but many will never take the leap. Is your current career unsatisfying? Are you worried that you’ll be in the same unsatisfying job 20 years from now and regret never taking the plunge?

The truth is, changing career paths doesn’t necessarily have to be that frightening. Providing you undertake the relevant training and identify what sort of job you want, you could find yourself in a fulfilling new career much quicker than you expected.

Planning your career change

If you want to enjoy work rather than endure it, then sit down and think about your interests and passions. Then work out what sorts of jobs match up with your interests. We’re not suggesting you should necessarily quit your job and try to become a rock star, but if you love music, maybe you can look at a career as a sound technician or music librarian. Be realistic, but still follow your heart.

When looking at changing career, make sure you thoroughly research what these sorts of jobs entail. Don’t go pursuing a career if you only have a superficial knowledge of what’s involved.

For a number of people, their current job doesn’t quite suit their personality traits, but they have few skills in the job they would be truly suited for. This brings us to perhaps the most important process in changing careerĀ – education.

Going back to school isn’t so bad!

Try not to be intimidated by the prospect of “going back to school”. You’re never too old to learn, and regardless of whether or not you ever apply your formal training in the workplace, it’s never a waste of time to increase your knowledge or skill base. It’s also likely to be fun and you may make some new friends who share your interests or are changing careers just like you are.

Find out which educational intuitions offer the courses that will help you achieve your vocational dream. Formal qualifications are essential if you want to give yourself the best chance of getting the job you desire. If the training you want to undertake can be applied to your current job, find out whether your employer is willing to pay for the course. Otherwise, you can study with an institution that offers Fee Help, which is where the Federal Government pays for your tuition up front, and you pay the government back via small deductions that come out of your wage.

Talk to people involved in the industry you’re interested in joining to get a better idea of what it involves. You should also consider talking to a career counsellor, who can help you find your true calling.

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