What Makes a Good Choreographer?

by frank-stuart

Dancing is a competitive and creative career choice that is worth considering if you have plenty of passion and a natural born talent. Popularity has skyrocketed within the last few years as Hollywood films showcase this challenging world as glamorous and life changing. While the films usually illustrate the fact that dancing is actually harder than most people expect, the endings often convey the feeling that everything will work out in the end with luck and friendship. This is not always the case.

In the real world, success is dependent on many different factors. Good choreographers strive to become great choreographers and spend much of their time perfecting their art. Many will undertake continuing education classes, and need at the very least a foundation level dance course and experience as a dancer to get started.

Do You Have What it takes to become a Good Choreographer?

Good choreographers are able to look past the potential of stardom or big lights and apply themselves as dedicated professionals, no matter the level of the production, from a school performance, right up to a national stage. While many people claim to be “born to dance”, only a few hold the necessary personal characteristics required to become a great choreographer.

Ask yourself how you feel about the technical aspects of dance and how these essential skills fit in with your overall personality to see if you are a good match. For example:

  • Do you understand music and how it relates to a story?
  • Are you able to convey that story through dance and movement?
  • Can you easily communicate or express your thoughts?
  • Have you a specific career goal in mind?
  • Are you prepared to do whatever it takes to get there?

How to Choose the Right Course for You

If you answered “yes” to all of the above questions, then good news – you may very well have what it takes to become a choreographer. If you didn’t, you may want to look at the reasons behind those choices. That’s not to say you won’t become a good choreographer, but you must be willing to apply yourself. An excellent way to achieve this is to consider educating yourself further in the foundations of dance. These courses are designed to get the most out of every dancer.

While dancing may seem like a creative career choice, it’s very much a profession that requires exceptional hard work and personal commitment. A good technical understanding of dance, attention to detail and current understanding of applied techniques are all necessary skills.

If you’re interested in a dance career, and eventually gaining the skills and experience necessary to become a choreographer, ACPE offers a number of dance courses.


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