Athletics NSW and the Australian College of Physical Education (ACPE) have announced a partnership between the two companies which will provide valuable opportunities for ACPE interns to gain practical experience in sports management, and for Athletics NSW to gain valuable resources into the sport....Read more >

When international author Paul Collins started his studies with ACPE in 1993, he knew he wanted to build a wealth of knowledge to educate people around the world. What he didn’t foresee was just how far this quest would take him....Read more >

For many wishing to pursue a career in the sports industry, working for the Australian Olympic Committee would be at the top of their list. That’s why ACPE graduate Gabrielle Masson was delighted when she beat hundreds of applicants to win a sought after role with the esteemed not for profit organisation....Read more >

Raise your IQ by dancing

by frank-stuart

We all know that busting out a few dance moves can get the blood pumping and instantly raises your mood, but did you know that it can actually make you smarter? No I’m not pulling your leg, scientists in America have actually found a link between dancing...Read more >

Established in 2011 by ACPE visionary and Student Services Manager Kellie Maxwell, the Cultural Experience Program strives to help educate impoverished children in Cambodia. This three-week volunteer program...Read more >

Didn’t make it to the Melbourne Study Centre Open Day? Want to know what you missed out on? Still want to get moving into your dream career? Well if you’re as passionate about sport, health, dance and education as our guest speaker Natalie Titcume, then ACPE is the place for you....Read more >

If you’re hanging out for an opportunity to meet an elite athlete, former Olympian and ACPE alumni, then you HAVE to come to the Melbourne Study Centre Open Day....Read more >

Being able to work with Australian celebrities whose bodies are constantly under scrutiny is perhaps a dream job for a personal trainer. Many celebrity personal trainers continue to build on these famous relationships too, with gym franchises, book deals and product ranges. So, what are some of the challenges, and just how do you become a personal trainer to the stars?...Read more >

From the very beginning, current student Christopher Butson knew that he wanted to study at ACPE. It wasn’t just his high school friends (come ACPE students) that bragged about the College, it was Chris's passion for health and wellbeing......Read more >


Are you considering a degree in health science, but are unsure if there will be demand for your skills? With competing priorities for the health dollar, community health has been highlighted as an area for opportunities, and demand for community health services is only set to increase in the decades ahead....Read more >

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