Did you hear? ACPE is having their Open Day on February 2nd! Check out below the 6 reasons you should register for ACPE Open Day...Read more >

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Having the availability of the lecturers is definitely one of the things that will help you go further...Read more >

When ACPE graduate Stephen Peters started his career, the coaching opportunities in men’s football were limited. Instead, he sought a position in the women’s league. One day, he thought, I’ll transfer across but instead he developed a huge liking for it and stayed to play his part in the rise of women’s sport....Read more >

If you play centre and wing attack in netball as Mikah van Gogh does, you're swift, creative and you know how to do the groundwork for others to shoot goals. So it's no surprise that Mikah is the Head of Department for Global Health Science and Health Science at ACPE, where's she helping set the scene for women and men to succeed in sport and study....Read more >

The physical and mental discipline of mixed martial arts may be daunting to some, but it doesn't faze 26-year-old MMA fighter and ACPE student, Cooba Watkins....Read more >

The world will be watching ACPE student and elite athlete Jake Lynch when he races in the Lifesaving World Championships 2016 in the Netherlands this month....Read more >

Raise your IQ by dancing

by frank-stuart

We all know that busting out a few dance moves can get the blood pumping and instantly raises your mood, but did you know that it can actually make you smarter? No I’m not pulling your leg, scientists in America have actually found a link between dancing...Read more >


Summer is definitely on its way. The temperature is rising, the days are longer and there is an abundance of fresh fruit and berries available for us to enjoy. But is there a simple way to get a delicious burst of summer for breakfast? I mean, who has the time...Read more >

FINALLY the weather is starting to heat up (aren’t I right Sydneysiders), but with this extra push of heat comes the real risk of dehydration. But how can you keep your hydration levels topped up without getting sick of the ‘boring’ taste of water?...Read more >

Have you ever wondered why some people at the gym seem to be able to bulk up? Is it because they’re drinking protein shakes like it's water? Perhaps it is...Read more >

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