Whether you have a sneaky chocolate bar at lunchtime or a few biscuits in the morning with your 10 o’clock tea, those little snacks could be the difference between gaining that beach body and having to work even harder at the gym....Read more >

Are all of your friends moving on with their life? Do you have a sports, dance, health or physical education shaped hole in your life? Perhaps you are finishing off your gap year and are ready to take on the world....Read more >

Now as I’m about to head into the next chapter of my life (see you later high school), I’m facing the same sort of dilemma. I’d love to use my passion to work in the sports industry, but isn’t it just another boys club? Well thankfully I got in touch with the team at ACPE and they gave me these five insights to help put my mind at ease....Read more >

I like winning. Who doesn’t? Sometimes winning comes easily; other times you have to lose in order to learn what needs to be done to get that winning feeling back. I’ve been on both sides of the fence and I bet you can guess which side I prefer....Read more >

Offering networking and once-in-a-lifetime experiences is what we pride ourselves on at ACPE, which is why we are SOO excited by this offer from one of our ACPE Alumni....Read more >

Not all of the information on nutrition out there in the media is necessarily of the highest quality, and at times people complain that some of the information is confusing or even that it can seem to be downright contradictory...Read more >

So you’ve got a Cert IV or Diploma in fitness, and you’re out in the industry working as a Personal Trainer. We get it; you want to help people help themselves. It’s a goal shared by thousands… 21,000 actually according to a study by Ibis World. Yes, that’s how many PT’s are working...Read more >


ne of the perks of being an elite athlete with the NSW Swifts is the abundance of away trips. This year alone I have been to New Zealand three times as all well as the major cities of Australia. Today I am going to bring you along for the ride....Read more >

At ACPE, we love to show off our students’ accomplishments, both athletic and academic. With that in mind, we’d like to take this opportunity to highlight the impressive achievements of Elana Withnall who is currently studying her Bachelor of Sports Business at ACPE....Read more >

We are delighted to share another success story from our gifted ACPE staff members. Today we will be introducing you to the work of ACPE lecturer Michelle Gorzanelli and tell you all about the award she has just won....Read more >

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