Did you hear? ACPE is having their Open Day on February 2nd! Check out below the 6 reasons you should register for ACPE Open Day...Read more >

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For Gold Coast Titans hooker Daniel Mortimer, having a career to fall back on after he hung up his football boots was always at the forefront of his mind, thanks to the wise advice from his father, Canterbury Bulldogs' Peter Mortimer....Read more >


ACPE has extended its cultural experience program this year welcoming a new partnership with Red Dust Role Models. ...Read more >

Since 2011, Caitlin Noonan has been learning the ins-and-outs of being a qualified Dance Teacher. Throughout her years of study at ACPE, she has been given multiple opportunities to practice her teaching skills be this in a local classroom or on her yearly trips to Cambodia....Read more >

PE has many benefits that go beyond just the physical. Children that play sport learn the skills needed to deal with challenges, form lasting friendships, and often concentrate better in class. PE teachers therefore play a vital role in instilling important life lessons in students....Read more >


If you are looking for answers that can’t be found in any old brochure, then head on down to the ACPE Open Day and experience campus life for yourself....Read more >

Are all of your friends moving on with their life? Do you have a sports, dance, health or physical education shaped hole in your life? Perhaps you are finishing off your gap year and are ready to take on the world....Read more >

Now as I’m about to head into the next chapter of my life (see you later high school), I’m facing the same sort of dilemma. I’d love to use my passion to work in the sports industry, but isn’t it just another boys club? Well thankfully I got in touch with the team at ACPE and they gave me these five insights to help put my mind at ease....Read more >

We are delighted to share another success story from our gifted ACPE staff members. Today we will be introducing you to the work of ACPE lecturer Michelle Gorzanelli and tell you all about the award she has just won....Read more >

From congratulating our new sports coaches to giving a round of applause to our exceptional dance & PHE teachers, today is truly a day to celebrate. But how can you ensure that you have the BEST graduation day ever? ...Read more >

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