There are numerous misconceptions around studying online. Some people say that it’s extremely difficult to do, while others swear that it’s too easy to be any good. Where things start to get nasty is when the non-believers hark-up and proclaim that online study isn’t ‘real’ studying. Well I’m here to tell you that this just isn’t true....Read more >

It doesn’t matter to us if you’re half way through year 12 and looking to the future or stuck in a dark office thinking about beginning a new career, as we have a wide range of sport, health, dance & education degrees to offer....Read more >

Staying fit and active is becoming more than just a trend with individuals increasingly making ‘being healthy’ a way of life. Due to this there has been a rise in health and wellbeing products, from fitness trackers to exercise systems - all designed to help us keep functioning at our best. Not sure if a fitness tracker is right for you?...Read more >

Are you thinking about beginning your studies in 2015? Have you narrowed down your short list of courses? Still not 100% convinced that ACPE is the college for you? If you are looking for just one more reason why you should study at ACPE, then joining one of our campus tours is a must. ...Read more >

Are your clients getting the results they want? Have you kept them motivated and moving towards their goals? If you’re finding your clients are in a rut or you’re looking for a way to amp-up the energy in the gym, then these 5 motivational tips are perfect for you....Read more >

Okay…so sports coaching itself may not actually save lives, but it seriously could help you save the lives of others. Not in an Emergency Services kind of way, we’re not teaching you how to become a Paramedic, but studies show that the more qualified you are the more safe your players could be. Read on…....Read more >


With an increasing obesity problem in Australia, encouraging young people to be more active has never been more important. If you love fitness and exercise and want to make a positive contribution, a career as a physical education teacher can be a great way to do something you love, and hopefully make a lasting difference in the health and wellness of students....Read more >

Combining industry experienced teachers & career focused courses, you can be sure that the time you spend studying at ACPE will prepare you for an exciting career in the industry of your dreams. Want to know more about the courses that we offer and how you can apply to study at ACPE? ...Read more >

When you watch a TV show or a movie, you see the actors in the starring roles. But if you take a look at the credits later, it’s not hard to notice that there are literally hundreds of other people who are involved in the making of the production....Read more >

It doesn’t matter if you’re an outdoor, gym or home based Personal Trainer, as understanding the delicate balance between what you’re worth & what your clients expect is vital for the success of your business....Read more >

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