Did you hear? ACPE is having their Open Day on February 2nd! Check out below the 6 reasons you should register for ACPE Open Day...Read more >

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Blake Griffin knew he wanted to pursue a career in sport, but it wasn't until he spent a week of work experience with the NSW Waratahs that he found his calling....Read more >

ACPE's Head of Department, Sport Performance shares insights on how technology is transforming the way coaches, teams and individual athletes track, monitor and improve performance....Read more >

Have you ever wondered why some people at the gym seem to be able to bulk up? Is it because they’re drinking protein shakes like it's water? Perhaps it is...Read more >

Being able to work with Australian celebrities whose bodies are constantly under scrutiny is perhaps a dream job for a personal trainer. Many celebrity personal trainers continue to build on these famous relationships too, with gym franchises, book deals and product ranges. So, what are some of the challenges, and just how do you become a personal trainer to the stars?...Read more >

From the very beginning, current student Christopher Butson knew that he wanted to study at ACPE. It wasn’t just his high school friends (come ACPE students) that bragged about the College, it was Chris's passion for health and wellbeing......Read more >

From sweat stains on the bench press to playing a game of Where’s Wally? with the free-weights, just a little gym etiquette can go a long way....Read more >


If you are looking for answers that can’t be found in any old brochure, then head on down to the ACPE Open Day and experience campus life for yourself....Read more >

Are all of your friends moving on with their life? Do you have a sports, dance, health or physical education shaped hole in your life? Perhaps you are finishing off your gap year and are ready to take on the world....Read more >

Now as I’m about to head into the next chapter of my life (see you later high school), I’m facing the same sort of dilemma. I’d love to use my passion to work in the sports industry, but isn’t it just another boys club? Well thankfully I got in touch with the team at ACPE and they gave me these five insights to help put my mind at ease....Read more >

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