Having just completed his first semester of study at ACPE, elite athlete Nathan Katz shares his success story. So how does he juggle sport & study?...Read more >

From congratulating our new sports coaches to giving a round of applause to our exceptional dance & PHE teachers, today is truly a day to celebrate. But how can you ensure that you have the BEST graduation day ever? ...Read more >

There are numerous misconceptions around studying online. Some people say that it’s extremely difficult to do, while others swear that it’s too easy to be any good. Where things start to get nasty is when the non-believers hark-up and proclaim that online study isn’t ‘real’ studying. Well I’m here to tell you that this just isn’t true....Read more >

It doesn’t matter to us if you’re half way through year 12 and looking to the future or stuck in a dark office thinking about beginning a new career, as we have a wide range of sport, health, dance & education degrees to offer....Read more >

Staying fit and active is becoming more than just a trend with individuals increasingly making ‘being healthy’ a way of life. Due to this there has been a rise in health and wellbeing products, from fitness trackers to exercise systems - all designed to help us keep functioning at our best. Not sure if a fitness tracker is right for you?...Read more >

Are you thinking about beginning your studies in 2015? Have you narrowed down your short list of courses? Still not 100% convinced that ACPE is the college for you? If you are looking for just one more reason why you should study at ACPE, then joining one of our campus tours is a must. ...Read more >

The Easter weekend is just around the corner and even though you are rushing around to get everything done, have you thought about your fitness schedule? Although it is so much easier to give your exercise routine a break over the next few days, we here at ACPE are here to show you how you cannot only have your chocolate bunny - but you can eat it too! ...Read more >

Whether you want security in knowing that your degree will get you a job or the flexibility to choose which career path you follow, a Sports Business degree from ACPE is perfect for you. Armed with this industry-focused degree, you will be in charge of your own future with a wide range of career options available for you to choose....Read more >

Are you thinking about a career in sports or fitness? Sports science courses can open doors to a range of different sports industry jobs. Covering topics from anatomy, physiology and biomechanics to nutrition, sports psychology, fitness, and strength and conditioning, a sports science course can prepare you for a career in the sports and fitness industry....Read more >

Combining industry experienced teachers & career focused courses, you can be sure that the time you spend studying at ACPE will prepare you for an exciting career in the industry of your dreams. Want to know more about the courses that we offer and how you can apply to study at ACPE? ...Read more >

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