Established in 2011 by ACPE visionary and Student Services Manager Kellie Maxwell, the Cultural Experience Program strives to help educate impoverished children in Cambodia. This three-week volunteer program...Read more >

Whether this was influenced by his brother Sam (a current student) or by ACPE having the perfect course for him, since 2013 Chris has been moving towards his dream career....Read more >


When we think of celebrating, we often imagine a crazy party which – while totally acceptable – is not the only way to mark this joyous occasion. You’ve put a lot of hard work into your studies over the last month (at least – you should have)...Read more >


For some reason, adult colouring books are all the rage right now. Seriously, you can’t walk past a bookshop, through a department store or wait at the checkout without seeing one of these mindfulness / colour therapy books on the shelves. But are these colouring books really art?...Read more >

Even if you are a natural performer, studying for the HSC Drama exam can be tough. You’ll need to prepare for a few different components, including written responses, a group performance and an individual project....Read more >

We’ve got some good news and some bad news for all of you Food Technology students. Bad news – your HSC exam is in just 3 days. The good news – we’ve found a quick quiz AND an eBook that will help you prepare for what could be your last exam....Read more >


0 to 100km/h in 3 seconds might sound unachievable but with the right driver and equipment it can be achieved! So if you’re getting ready for your Industrial Technology HSC exam this Friday, then be sure to avoid these top 5 car fails...Read more >

Regardless of what language you are learning, there are helpful study techniques that can be used across all of them. The HSC Italian exam is tomorrow (GASP!) so we will focus on that one, but in reality....Read more >


Nailing your HSC Business Studies exam requires a bit more than looking great in a tailored suit. For starters you need to focus on getting a good foundational knowledge of how business works....Read more >

Didn’t make it to the Melbourne Study Centre Open Day? Want to know what you missed out on? Still want to get moving into your dream career? Well if you’re as passionate about sport, health, dance and education as our guest speaker Natalie Titcume, then ACPE is the place for you....Read more >

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