5 Steps to Dancing Your Way to Financial Freedom

by frank-stuart

The demand for dancing schools has significantly increased over the last few years, which has been helped by popular shows like Dancing with the Stars. That’s great news for people who are passionate about dance and teaching! You don’t have to force yourself to work in a 9 to 5 job and sit in your dismal office the entire day- not when you can dance your way to a profitable business.  In this post, learn how your passion and a little investment can go a long way.

Work Your Way to Obtaining a Degree in Dance

Education, coupled with passion, can open a whole new world of opportunities for you. Students who are looking for instructors are likely to choose someone who can show credentials. If you’re passionate about teaching young minds, consider obtaining a Bachelor of Applied Dance degree to enhance your knowledge. Teach your students to appreciate the art and encourage them to explore their creativity through dancing. If you want to keep your options open and advance your skills and knowledge not just in dance, but in related disciplines such as Health, Movement and Sports, consider studying the Bachelor of Health and Physical Education.

Create Your Business Plan

Whether you’re setting up your studio at home or scouting for a location in the busy metro, creating a business plan is one way to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Just like in dancing, you’ll have to take precautionary measures to avoid injuries. With a plan, you can decide on:

  • The type of classes – If you’re going to stick with your repertoire, will you enjoy as much profit as compared to offering trendier classes like Zumba and pole dancing?
  • Instructors and their styles – You don’t need to know all the dance styles if you’re planning on expanding the variety of classes. Freelance dance instructors can help you out in this aspect.
  • Marketing scheme – What is it that you can offer that will set you apart from your competitors? Research on the effective ways to reach potential students.
  • The location – Are you going to start your business at home? Will you take the riskier route and opt for a space where students can easily find you?

Build Your Business Budget

One of the most essential elements in planning and maintaining a business is creating your financial blueprint. When you have a clear view on the cost of starting and maintaining your school, you’ll also make intelligent decisions that can help you stay on course. The important factors that you need to note are revenue (tuition fee, interests and other sources) and monthly expenses such as teachers’ fees and rental. Planning your budget leads to better chances of securing financing and cash flow management.

Organise Your Marketing Plan

Advancement in technology has taught us that there’s no need to spend a lot on letting people know about your dance studio. The possibilities are endless when you employ the Internet to reach your potential students. Set up your website and social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram). If you have the writing prowess, blog about your passion and work. These are inexpensive and effective ways to draw attention to your dance school. As your business grows, you’ll find out that you might need to hire a professional to help you with marketing.

Expand Your Knowledge

Don’t stop learning! To survive the competitive business world, you have to delve into studying theories and honing your skills as an instructor and business owner. To be a more efficient entrepreneur, look for management courses that are available online and have flexible study options. If you want to widen your career options and gain qualifications to teach in the related disciplines of Health, Personal Development and Physical Education, enhance your knowledge and look forward to a brighter future with a Graduate Diploma in Education.

At ACPE, our courses are tailored to your needs, allowing you to fuse your passion, teaching skills and business expertise. We also offer sports management courses for team and athlete managers. Contact us today to know more about our campus tours and career plan consultations.

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