Breanna McFadyen takes her passion for dance back to the country

by frank-stuart

“There is so much teaching work in regional New South Wales. You just have to be prepared to leave Sydney,” dance teacher Breanna McFadyen said.

“After graduating I had two opportunities and it was tough choosing between them, but I don’t regret leaving Sydney for a second.”

Breanna is now teaching Dance, Personal Development Health and Physical Education at Tamworth High School.

“I did a six-week teaching prac here at the end of my studies and they offered me a contract, which I accepted,” Breanna said.

“It’s been such a positive experience. The principal and teachers are so supportive, there’s excellent professional development and the dance program is all my own. That’s a rare opportunity for a recent graduate.”

Originally from Armidale, Breanna moved to Sydney in 2013 to study.

“I saw ACPE at a careers expo and chose it because of their dance program,” she said.

“The support and advice you receive at ACPE is awesome. If you know your passion, they will help you succeed.

“We were exposed to a wide variety of dance styles – African, jazz and others – and I remember thinking, why are we learning all of this?’ Now I’m really grateful because I’ve got a solid foundation in dance and I use this knowledge as inspiration for my own teaching.”

Breanna McFadyen

In 2016, Breanna did the Beyond the Line professional experience in Dubbo. This week-long program gives education students a taste of what it’s like to work in schools and communities in rural and remote NSW.

“When you grow up in the country, you understand kids there may never get the opportunity to learn dance. Either it’s too hard to get to classes or their parents can’t afford them. I was keen to get back to the country and share what I’d learnt,” she said.

“At ACPE, I learnt that it’s important to be approachable and responsive to the students. I try to put that into practice – to portray enthusiasm and make it fun. If you’re going to do teaching, give it 110%.”

Breanna’s school recently released her to tutor at the NSW Education Department residential dance camp at Lake Keepit State Park in Gunnedah. These week-long camps are held every year in regional areas for school-aged children.

“Seeing their faces light up when they experience dance is the most rewarding thing,” Breanna said.

“They give you energy because they think the world of you – that’s a great reminder about the importance of your role as a teacher.”

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