Danielle Noll’s top five tips for starting your own business before you turn 25

by frank-stuart

In the midst of her final year of study at ACPE, Danielle Noll bought Studio Kenthurst – a small dance studio in the Sydney Hills. She was just 21 years old. Here are her top tips for starting and growing a successful small business.

Make sure you have a passion for it

“A lot of parents are surprised when I introduce myself as the studio owner,” Danielle said. “I might be young but I have a lot of dance experience, technical skills and energy. I’m passionate about teaching kids and I’m involved in every part of the business – from recruitment to admin. You’ve got to enjoy what you do to run your own business or you will run out of steam very quickly.”

    Do your research

    “I bought the dance studio from one of my original teachers. I was studying and teaching at the studio when she offered me the business. I was so excited, but I still did my own research. I checked the business history, costs, the community and the area’s demographics.” Danielle said. “I wanted to understand the opportunity and its future potential.”

    Have a good support team

    “You can’t do it all – you’ve got to work well with others,” Danielle said. “I’m lucky to have a really supportive family. My mother works with me on administration. One of my sisters teaches dance classes while another is building my social media presence. As a business, we also get involved with the local community, making sure we support the families around us.”

    Apply your studies to your business

    “My studies – I did a Bachelor of Dance Practicedefinitely help me as a business owner,” Danielle said. “My lecturers were really supportive and in class, they often applied the course information to my situation. I took what I was learning straight from the classroom to my business. The assignments helped me with my business planning and practical things like safety procedures, how to talk with staff about my business aspirations and how to conduct interviews.”

    Keep learning

    “You’ve got to stay in touch with what’s happening in your industry and keep your skills current. I recently recruited two new teachers, who are both older than me. I know we share a mutual respect and will learn different skills from each other. That’s how we can continue to grow and progress.”

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