Popular dance styles

by frank-stuart

While some people have ambitions to be professional dancers, many people fall in love with dance after having watched other people dance. Some people take up dancing because it’s fun and they enjoy dancing at parties and special occasions. And yes, some people want to be Broadway stars or back-up dancers for pop stars. Whatever the reason, people are often particularly interested in learning certain dance styles.

Here are some of the more popular dance styles out there…

Ballroom dancing

Ballroom dancing is one of the great social dances because it requires a partner and it encourages interaction. Ballroom dancing incorporates styles such as the foxtrot, quickstep and tango. There are different forms of ballroom dancing and the definition of it is always changing. What remains constant is the fact that it is an ideal dance style for partners.


The waltz is a traditional ballroom dance that involves partners moving in a circular motion, usually to slow music in 3/4 time. The Viennese waltz is a popular version that is significantly faster. It’s very handy to know how to waltz, especially for formal occasions such as weddings. As long as you can waltz, you have a good chance of looking graceful on the dance floor!


Jazz is still one of the most popular dance styles, partly because it is so lively and energetic. It’s certainly a dance that improves your fitness! Speed is one of the main characteristics of jazz, as dancers use quick footwork and execute leaps, turns and step changes to a swinging jazz beat.


Ballet is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful dance styles. It is also one of the most physically challenging, and requires great discipline to execute such graceful moves. Ballet is also popular because many of the skills required can be applied to other dance styles. Not only that, but ballet also requires attributes such as balance, strength, speed, grace and timing, that are transferable to many other physical pursuits.


Hip-hop is one of the more recent dance styles whose popularity has exploded, and it does not look like subsiding. This style of dance originated in the street and is perfectly suited to the club circuit. Hip-hop dancing often involves some fairly impressive feats of athleticism, and is often performed at a frenetic pace, just like the music. While a very technical dance, conveying the attitude of hip-hop is just as important.


Salsa is arguably the most popular dance style in the world. Why? Because it’s relatively easy to learn the basics, and it’s one of the sexiest dance styles there is. This Latin American dance requires plenty of hip movement and synchronicity with one’s partner. It’s why they call it the dance of passion.

There are heaps of other dance styles out there, such as belly dance, rock ‘n’ roll, paso doble, tap dance, contemporary dance, Bhangra, break dance and jive to name a few. Dance courses are a great way to creatively express your thoughts and emotions through dance and movement.

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