Where can a dance degree take you?

by frank-stuart

In a word? Anywhere. Dancing is a pursuit that people often take seriously when younger, but drift away from during high school because it isn’t always recognised as a viable career path in its own right. But dance is about passion and bringing dreams to life so it is important to reaffirm not just the cultural significance of dance, but also the range of exciting careers that exist in the global arts industry.

The size and reach of this industry clearly shows how mistaken it is to regard dance as being a mere hobby or strictly an ‘extra-curricular’ activity. Dance is, after all, among the very oldest of human art forms, and one that is encountered in virtually every country and culture of the world. As a performance commodity it employs professionals in both public and private organisations across a range of occupations (everything from front-of-stage to back-of-house).

Very often, the key to translating a passion for dance into a career lies in gaining a qualification that covers these many different areas of the discipline. A glance at the course structure of ACPE’s 3-year Bachelor of Applied Dance, for example, reveals subject areas that deal with dance performance, composition and appreciation; communication, teaching and business skills; plus anatomy and physiology, (to name just some). The 4-year Bachelor of Dance Education is similarly rounded, and gives graduates the necessary qualifications to teach in Dance and PDHPE in Government and Independent schools.

Unsurprisingly, a career as a dance instructor is a highly popular job pathway for graduates of both these degrees, though it’s by no means the only option. The sort of specialist dance expertise that these specialised programs deliver is demanded of choreographers, arts administrators, cultural program co-ordinators, art directors, and fitness specialists on a day-to-day basis. From private dance studios and community centres to major performance and production companies around the world, professional opportunities abound for those whose knowledge of dance is as broad as the stage they’re willing to set for themselves.

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