10 Fast Facts About A Career in Fitness

by frank-stuart

All you need to know about a career in fitness

  1. Fitness and personal trainers deliver training programs and sessions for groups and individuals, tailored to their specific needs whether it be in nutrition, weight control, preparing for a special event, or lifestyle health and general wellbeing
  2. A career in fitness involves evaluating your individual clients’ physical fitness and keeping track of their progress
  3. Fitness and personal trainers are expected to act as motivators who push clients to their physical limits.
  4. On average a fulltime trainer can earn $45,554, or $20 – $60 per hour. Part time range is $10.00 to $76.00 per hour. However, earning potential is uncapped depending on where you work.
  5. Working time varies – you can work in casual, part-time and full-time positions. Working hours are also usually irregular – early mornings, nights and weekends.
  6. Typical places of work include gyms, studios, fitness centres and health clubs, but there are a variety of other places you can train including the corporate sector, resorts and spas, cruise ships, hospitals, universities, self-employment and in-home training.
  7. A career in fitness requires certification and ongoing education (CEC courses) every two or three years.
  8. Fitness trainers need a variety of skills including ability to create fitness training programs, good customer service, listening, speaking, problem-solving and motivational skills. They must also be physically fit.
  9. Working in the fitness industry also requires you to work with people who are injured or have special needs – for example your client may have suffered an athletic injury, you may want to create a special rehabilitation program.
  10. With a fitness training career you can use your personal skills and talents to specialise in any area that you are passionate about including health promotion, special needs training, marketing or promotions, fitness journalism (with further training), self-employment, sales and marketing


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