The art of motivation: how to keep your clients moving

by frank-stuart

Congratulations on building a great Personal Training business. So what’s next? Are your clients getting the results they want? Have you kept them motivated and moving towards their goals? If you’re finding your clients are in a rut or you’re looking for a way to amp-up the energy in the gym, then these 5 motivational tips are perfect for you.

Try one or all of them out today and see a real difference in your clients’ motivation and health.

5 ways to keep your clients motivated

Motivating people can be an art, which is why we here at ACPE have listed out top 5 tips for creating high-energy, engaging and motivation rich training spaces – enjoy!

1. Create a friendly and welcoming environment

Something as simple as greeting your clients when they walk in or creating a space that is inviting, clean and fresh can make all the difference in motivating your clients.

2. Take advantage of your wall space

Why not use the spare walls that you have to hang-up awards, motivational slogans or full-length mirrors? Each of these tools can increase motivation and help your clients to push that little bit harder during their workout.

3. Use incentives (e.g free healthy breakfast, protein shakes, training sessions)

Putting on a healthy breakfast or offering personal training sessions as incentives, will help your clients to stay motivated to reach their weight-loss and fitness goals.

4. Recognise and reward your clients’ success (e.g weight loss tracker, gym member of the month)

Rewarding your clients for their successes will ensure that they not only continue to train, but that they understand just how far they’ve come. Awards and/or photos can be used for further motivation.

5. Get to know your clients by creating social events

Showing your clients that you’re invested in them and their health, can be the difference in them succeeding at the gym. Engaged clients are more likely to not only stay motivated, but go harder at the gym as well.

NOTE: You can even implement these tips on social media by creating motivational posts, uploading group shots and promoting events.

Time to get motivated!


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