Where can a Bachelor of Health Science Degree Take You?

by frank-stuart

At ACPE, we offer Bachelor of Health Science degrees with majors in exercise, sports, fitness, dance, and community health. Students of these courses study the science behind health and physical activity, and the courses are designed to enhance the employment prospects for graduates in the sport and fitness industries, or in community health.

Course components

All the courses within the degree cover two core streams, which are:

  • Determinants of health stream – provides an understanding of the social, psychological and cultural determinants of health and wellbeing.
  • Bioscience stream – the study of the structures and functions of the human body and the concepts of exercise physiology.

The third stream of each course relates to the particular major being undertaken as part of the degree. These are:

  • Exercise major – the science of exercise to optimise health and wellbeing.
  • Sports major – the science of movement and factors that limit or enhance sporting ability.
  • Fitness major – principles of exercise prescription and personal trainer skills.
  • Dance major – a scientific and evidence-based approach to dance and health.
  • Community health major – studies the determinants of health at a deeper level such as the socio-cultural factors affecting health and wellbeing in individuals and communities.

All courses cover some of the same units, including biology, chemistry, and understanding health, and also subjects relating to anatomy and physiology, nutrition, and human movement. Beyond this level, the units studied relate more specifically to the course stream being undertaken.

Bachelor of Health Science careers

Depending on their chosen stream, course graduates may be able to work in private, non-profit or government sectors. The area of specialisation chosen is likely to have a significant influence on the type of employment graduates enter into. Examples include:

  • Exercise – positions within gyms, fitness or community centres or schools designing exercise programs for health and wellbeing.
  • Sports – sports and recreation officer jobs, rehabilitation and support work, sports development work.
  • Fitness – personal training, development of fitness programs, fitness centre management, and rehabilitation consultancy.
  • Dance – health support work for professional dancers, dance therapy, dance teaching, and dance and movement research.
  • Community health – health promotion work in communities, community-based health projects, youth or social work, health within corporations, health education, advocacy or health administration.

The growing interest in health and fitness in Australia means there are many opportunities for working in the health sciences field.

A health sciences degree provides graduates with a good grounding in solid evidence-based scientific principles, which can be applied to the work they take up on graduation.

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