Bachelor of Sports Business: Your ticket to success

by frank-stuart

Everybody wants options. Whether you want security in knowing that your degree will get you a job or the flexibility to choose which career path you follow, a Sports Business degree from ACPE is perfect for you. Armed with this industry-focused degree, you will be in charge of your own future with a wide range of career options available for you to choose.

Do you want to be a Sports Marketer? Perhaps managing an athlete is more up your alley. Regardless of what your future career looks like, we here at ACPE will provide you with a ticket to success.

What does your dream career look like?

If Sport is more than just a passion but a way of life, then a career in Sports Business is perfect for you. With a Bachelor of Sports Business from ACPE behind you, a wide range of exciting career opportunities will become available. Just check out four of the possible career paths that some of our graduates have taken – which one will you choose?

Sports Marketer

Are you interested in promoting a particular sports code? Is there a local sports team that you’d love to publicise? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then a career as a Sports Marketer has your name written all over it. Using the marketing, business and networking skills that you’ve learned at ACPE, you will be confident when it comes time to market local, national and even international sporting teams. To find out more just click here.

Sports Manager

Do you think you have what it takes to manage a Sports Team? Well if you’ve got confidence, motivation and a Sports Business degree from ACPE behind you, then a career as a Sports Manager is perfect for you. Forge a career in the sporting code you love, with the Sports Management & Leadership subjects you have learned from ACPE helping you to make your own mark in the Sports Industry. To find out more about becoming a Sports Manager just click here.

Sports Event Manager

If you’re more interested in promoting and running a sporting event than managing a team, then why not consider a career as a Sports Event Manager. Perfect for ambitious, confident and creative individuals alike, this career will allow you to use all of the skills you’ve learned at ACPE to forge a rewarding and exciting career. Want to know more about what a career in Sports Event Management is really like? Then just click here or give us a call today.

Athlete Manager

Does your future involve introducing the world to a new sporting superstar? Well if you’ve got the drive and an eye for talent, then a career as an Athlete Manager is perfect for you. It doesn’t matter which sporting code you’re interested in working with, as the Bachelor of Sports Business from ACPE will provide you with the opportunities you’re looking for.  Still not sure you have what it takes to be an Athlete Manager? Then just click here to find out more.

Join a winning team today & discover just how bright your future can look like when you’ve got a Bachelor of Sports Science from ACPE behind you


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