The Beauty of Breakfast: Why You Shouldn’t Miss It

by frank-stuart

When you’re running around trying to fit in work, study, exams and the general day-to-day chores, it can be easy to skip breakfast. Yet there’s a reason it has often been tagged the most important meal of the day. Here’s what you need to know about breakfast, and why it’s worth making time for it every single day.

What Breakfast Can Provide

Many people make excuses for not eating breakfast: no time, not hungry, too sleepy. Breakfast however is integral to good health for the body – and even for the mind. It’s the way your body replenishes from your overnight fasting period. It can restore the essential supply of glucose (glyocogen), and other essential vitamins and minerals. It can also provide you with an energy boost, and simultaneously boost your metabolism.

And What Happens If You Miss It

It’s generally thought that if you skip breakfast, you may lack fibre and minerals, including calcium, zinc, iron and vitamin B2. More surprisingly, those who skip breakfast are often more prone to weight gain. This may be because a lack of breakfast can lead to hunger throughout the day, and frequent (often unhealthy) snacking, or an oversized lunch and dinner.

Skipping breakfast can also affect your focus and mental performance, so whether you’re studying, or working, a healthy breakfast is key to good performance.

Breakfast and General Health

It’s often been found that those who eat a healthy well-balanced breakfast are more inclined to make healthy food choices through the day. This of course is one of the best ways (along with regular exercise) to maintain good general health and fitness. Skip breakfast and it’s easy to feel starved by lunchtime, and subsequently overeat or opt for quick, unhealthy takeaway. If you’re feeling hungry, it can also be tempting to visit the snack machine mid-morning, or mid-afternoon, and with so much junk on offer, that’s rarely a wise choice!

What to Eat

In general, it’s a good idea to aim for a balance of dairy, grains and fruit. If you’re one of the thousands of Australians who feel like you don’t have the time for breakfast, just remember that it can be the easiest meal of the day to prepare. Try some of these quick and easy breakfast options:

  • Wholegrain breakfast cereals with low-fat milk and fresh fruit
  • Porridge (Quick Oats is an easy alternative to the made-from-scratch variety)
  • Yoghurt with berries or fruit salad
  • Multigrain or wholegrain toast with baked beans, eggs or spreads
  • Muffins or crumpets

Serve with fresh fruit juice and you’ll have a great start to the day, every day.

By rescheduling your morning hours slightly, or even something as simple as getting up twenty minutes earlier, you can make sure you enjoy breakfast daily, and reap the benefits.

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