The benefits of a career in fitness

by frank-stuart

If you have thought about pursuing a career in fitness, but have never acted on that little voice in your head telling you it may be time for a change, then you should be aware of the many benefits of working in the fitness industry.

A simple job vacancy search will show you that there is a high demand for fitness professionals. Why? It’s because our modern lifestyles are often at odds with staying healthy. The growth in office jobs, an explosion of takeaway food options and the rise of computers and video games are just some of the reasons why obesity levels are high in Australia.

Instead of physical activity being a normal part of everyday life, many people need to find time in their tight schedules to get active, and the reality is, they just won’t exercise enough unless someone provides them with structure and a routine. That’s where fitness professionals come in.

Why work in the fitness industry?

We’ve established that it’s a thriving industry, but it’s also a diverse one. There are many roles in the fitness industry, and it is straightforward to get qualifications, so you are career-ready.

You can work for a large company, a boutique company or for yourself. It’s really up to you. You can also achieve your ideal work-life balance as a fitness expert, particularly if you set up your own business. You can structure your working hours and clientele around your personal life, instead of the other way around, which is a dream scenario for many people.

Another great aspect of the fitness industry is the nature of the work. If you enjoy helping people achieve their goals, then the fitness industry could be an ideal environment for you. You will see people’s health and fitness improve right before your eyes, and be able to share in their positive journeys. Having a part in the betterment of someone else’s life can give you a sense of pride and satisfaction.

Career options available

There really is a wide range of careers available to those in the fitness industry, and it all depends on what you are most interested in, and what kind of role suits your skills and personality. You may be interactive and enjoy engaging with people, or you may prefer a behind-the-scenes or administration role. The fitness industry has roles for all types of people.

  • Personal trainer
  • Sports club trainer
  • Cruise ship trainer
  • Fitness instructor
  • High performance coach
  • Extreme adventure instructor
  • Ski instructor
  • Leisure centre supervisor
  • Gym owner
  • Wellness coach
  • Massage therapist


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