How to build your clientele as a trainer

by frank-stuart

So you’ve decided that you want to become a trainer, which is fantastic. Being an independent trainer gives you plenty of options and variety. You can work your own hours. You can dictate your own income. You can choose your own location. You can choose your own specialty. It’s a flexible and fabulous career choice. But how can you get clients to get own board? With our top tips, that’s how!

Get started

Starting out at a fitness centre, gym or health club can be a great way to source initial clients – plus earn enough money to set off on your own. Gain either experience or employment at a fitness centre where you will get to work with clients one-on-one or in group settings. The more clients you help, the better you will be able to get referrals when you do decide to work for yourself.

Get networking

Just like with any other job, you should network to expand your work as a trainer and build clientele. You can join local fitness-related groups and create a social media presence to get yourself noticed. Proving yourself as an expert in the field and mixing with other experts will help you see what else is out there and how else you can be sourcing clients.

Get noticed

A crucial part of attracting clients to your business is getting yourself noticed. The simplest way to do this is to create business cards and brochures or flyers to pass around. Your brochures should be eye-catching and let potential clients know all about what you can offer then. Special offers are also a great way to attract clients. These could be free consultations or discounted deals.

Get Social

Traditional flyers and brochures are great, but you should also get digital to expand your clientele. Develop a social media presence – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blog – to showcase what you can offer as a trainer. Instead of just selling your services, you should build your rep as an expert in fitness. You can do this by offering articles, tips, videos and Q&A sessions.

Get partnered

As with networking, partnering up with other businesses is a great way to expand your personal training clientele. Identify those businesses that will be most beneficial to you – health clinics, health food stores, massage therapists, retirement villages – and approach them to establish a partnership.

Don’t forget to be a role model

Your best way to retain clients is to be an exceptional role model yourself. Clients will trust a fit trainer, so ensure you take the time to keep your fitness in check. Also ensure you keep abreast of all the changes and happenings in the fitness field to maintain your credentials as a fitness expert.

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