Burn off those extra calories with these Easter exercises

by frank-stuart

The Easter weekend is just around the corner and even though you are rushing around to get everything done, have you thought about your fitness schedule? Although it is so much easier to give your exercise routine a break over the next few days, we here at ACPE are here to show you how you cannot only have your chocolate bunny – but you can eat it too!

With these fun Easter themed exercises, you can stay active and completely guilt-free this holiday season. You can even rope in your mates, family members and/or kids and watch as their sugar-highs are put to good use.

Get your blood pumping with these Easter inspired exercises

Taking time out from that egg hunt or family BBQ can be a little hard over Easter, so why not try out these simple exercises and see how easy it is to feel guilt-free this long weekend:

1. Bunny hops (lateral hops)
2. Cadbury crunches (crunches)
3. Single ‘egg’ squats (single leg squats)
4. Bunny bombers (dive bomber push-ups)
5. Run bunny run (sprints)

Depending on your level of fitness and how much time you have in-between holiday activities, 20-40 repetitions of each activity should be all you need to burn off those extra calories. If you want a more intense workout, just increase the amount of repetitions or do the routine twice a day. Each of these exercises are easy to complete, so why not gather around a few training buddies and make this Easter long weekend an active one.

Have you indulged a little too much in those chocolatey treats this Easter? Then this post-Easter power circuit workout from body+soul has your name written all over it. We do warn you that this workout should not be done by people on a sugar high or by people who are feeling the after effects of that last Cadbury crème egg.

One last thing from the ACPE team…

Although we here at ACPE focus on increasing the health, fitness and wellbeing of all of our students, their families and friends, we are also fans of having fun & scoffing down a few Easter eggs. So do not forget to enjoy your long weekend and those delicious Easter treats – after all, it is still important to treat yourself occasionally (we surely will be).


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