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by frank-stuart

Michelle Gorzanelli

We are delighted to share even more success stories from our gifted ACPE staff members! ACPE lecturer Michelle Gorzanelli wins an award for most outstanding research paper.


Global health lecturer, Michelle Gorzanelli, has been granted the prestigious award for ‘most outstanding paper from a young scholar’ at the 29th ACHPER International Conference held in Adelaide this past April.

The conference, hosted by the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation, has a longstanding history of bringing together health and physical education teachers, sport coaches and other industry professionals to share practices and stimulate ideas.

Michelle gave a presentation on her PhD work and submitted a paper for the ACHPER Young Scholar Award category. Her paper titled ‘Is health and physical education one of the powerful weapons that can change the world?’ was awarded ‘most outstanding paper’ to commend and encourage scholarship towards completing her doctoral thesis.

As well as teaching full-time, Michelle is currently completing her PhD in the Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney. Her research focuses on the history of health education, physical education and school sport in NSW government schools from the introduction of compulsory education in 1880 until the National Curriculum. Michelle has published numerous journal articles and presented her progress at several international conferences.

Michelle has a diverse educational background, having taught subjects in health science or health and physical education at the University of Western Sydney, the Australian Catholic University and the University of Sydney. She has always been passionate about teaching, and thoroughly enjoys her position at ACPE.

“I always pride myself in attending to individual differences and taking a genuine interest in the learning of all the students I teach,” she says. “I put my success and enjoyment for teaching down to surrounding myself with people who have supported me in all that I do and motivated me to keep working hard in moving towards achieving my career and life goals.”

Congratulations Michelle! Our ACPE students are lucky to have such a mentor motivating them.


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