Have you considered a career in Aged Care?

by frank-stuart

Are you looking for a new start? Perhaps you’re looking for a way to escape your current job? Maybe you’ve found your calling and it involves helping others? Regardless of how you decided that a caring career is right for you, we here at ACPE can help make that dream a reality. As employment opportunities in the aged care industry continue to multiply, now is the perfect time to begin your studies at ACPE.

Each of our students even have the option to continue their studies at University, using their Bachelor’s degree from ACPE as their ticket into a nursing, health science or even medicine degree. Perfect for confident, friendly and health focused individuals, a Health Science or Health & Movement Degree from ACPE is what you need to help make your career aspirations of becoming an Aged Care Worker a reality.

Which path will you take in order to become an Aged Care Worker?

No two people study the same or share similar life experiences, which is why we here at ACPE offer a number of ways for you to reach your career dreams. Whether you want to study online or on-campus; full-time or even part-time, our team can connect you with the best study options for your individual needs. Listed below are two recognised degrees from ACPE that can help you get into the Aged Care industry.

Bachelor of Health Science (Community Health)

With major areas of study including International and Indigenous Health, graduates with a Bachelor of Health Science (Community Health) from ACPE are well prepared for a career in Aged Care. Throughout the duration of this course you will not only learn about the human body and how it works, but you’ll also get the opportunity to see how certain health techniques are put into action. Passionate, focused and people-orientated individuals will thrive within this caring profession, with people at all stages of their life beginning their journey towards becoming an Aged Carer.

It’s never too late to begin a career in Aged Care, so why not give one of our advisers a call today and discover what your future could look like with a Bachelor of Health Science (Community Health) from ACPE behind you.

Bachelor of Health & Movement (Community Health)

Focusing on keeping individuals healthy and active, ACPE graduates with a Bachelor of Health & Movement (Community Health) can embark on a range of different career pathways. Whether you’re interested in working at a local nursing home or supporting the seniors at a community centre, the lecturers and team here at ACPE can help make your career dream a reality.

Still not sure if a career in Aged Care is right for you? Then why not check out the industry statistics we found below or contact one of our career advisers to find out more.

The aged care industry is well and truly booming!


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