Essential Job Skills to Pick Up Before You Graduate

by frank-stuart

Studying at college is about more than just getting an education.  Sure, that’s a pretty large part of it – you’re specialising in a field that interests you and that you hope one day will guide your future career in Sports, Health, Education or Dance.

However, there are many other skills that you will pick up in this environment, many of which can be applied to any workplace out there. So while you focus your energy on your academic studies and experiences, we here at ACPE will help you to also think about refining these vital job skills as well.

People skills

Interacting with other people is something you will have to put up with wherever you work (unless you plan on working the nightshift in an abandoned building).

Group projects and teamwork are excellent practice for managing tasks and responsibilities among a team of individuals. They prepare you to work well with others; even how to cope if some of those “others” happen to be completely hopeless.

Have you ever been in control of dividing up the tasks in an assignment, or acted as mediator between two friends arguing over something?  That’s managerial experience right there.  Boo yah.


Your diploma or degree will undoubtedly consist of concrete facts and details, but a significant portion will require you to think creatively and form your own ideas and theories.  So exercise your own independent thought as often as possible – coming up with innovative ideas and strategies is critical to problem-solving and essential in both academic and work spheres.

Time management

With multiple projects often occurring at the same time or overlapping, working to a deadline is a skill you need to master at college to stay on top of your workload as it increases.  Prioritising your to-do list and demonstrating a sense of urgency when final dates approach are abilities that are not only going to help you pass your units; they’ll also be crucial to succeeding in your future career.

Learning skills

When you are paying attention in a lecture (rare as it may be), you are taking in information that you will be applying to upcoming tests and assignments.  In a work environment, you’ll be learning new things all the time as your role evolves and as you develop professionally. If you want to demonstrate that you are a focused and capable employee, it’s important that you listen carefully and take it all in – just like you do each day in class (we hope).

We here at ACPE understand that it’s important to be job ready, so we offer our students Career Development right throughout their degree. To find out more just give us a call and talk to one of our friendly team members today!


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