Fast Facts about a Career in Sport Management

by frank-stuart

Studying sports business and keen to branch out into a career in sports management? Here’s a list of 9 fast facts that you will need to know about sports management careers.

  1. Sports management is a career that offers variety and you can find roles across professional sporting organisations or teams, recreational sports managers, facility managers or even in finance.
  2.  Sports management work is available across amateur sports, community sports, professional sports and even schools (primary, secondary and tertiary).
  3. The main role of a sports manager is to you are responsible for promoting the best interests of athletes and sporting organisations. This can branch out into work as team managers, athlete managers, trainers, sports therapists, development manager and coaches.
  4. Tasks include – owning teams, PR management, creating reports, event management, athlete management, media management managing budgets, finalising profits, managing travel budgets/finances, drafting players, managing salaries.
  5. If you want to succeed in a sports management career, it’s essential to possess a passion for sports, business savvy, media skills, management skills and financial and budgeting skills.
  6. Salary for sports management careers differ greatly depending on the role you attain. Athlete management can pay greatly because you would earn percentages based on a player’s salary and endorsements, as can work in professional organisations. Whereas event management and facility management roles or work with amateur clubs will earn less.
  7. Sports management pay can be hourly sometimes and the job market can be competitive.
  8. Sports management roles are usually attained through practical experience and doing internships.
  9. The sports environment continues to grow in Australia and is part of an integral part of a multi-million dollar global industry.
  10. Sports management is a burgeoning but competitive field, so it’s important to be qualified by an accredited program. A well-rounded sports management course will cover everything from business, finance, law, management and marketing.

An ACPE degree and a career in sports management

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