Fast Facts about a Career in Sports Coaching

by frank-stuart

If you want to connect and engage with your athletes and help them grow and develop into high performing athletes, sports coaching could be the role for you. Here are some fast facts about a sports coaching career to get you excited.

  • You will be working with individual athletes or teams to maximise performance
  • You’ll have specialist expertise in the sport, psychological and motivational skills and knowledge about advanced performance techniques
  • You’re responsible for helping athletes and teams – both at amateur and professional levels – increase their performance levels and compete to a higher standard
  • As a sports coach, you could create training plans, supervise practice sessions, teach techniques to players, analyse games, develop game strategies and recruit new players
  • You should have administration knowledge as well as coaching knowledge, because you’ll be expected to perform certain administrative tasks like securing sponsorship and organising events
  • You can work at schools, sports clubs, professional sports clubs, amateur clubs
  • You could launch a sports coaching career whether you are a current athlete looking for something after their life in sport, a person who has finished their sports looking to further their career, or just someone with a general interest in sports
  • A career in sports coaching takes time and effort and you will need to be prepared to work hard
  • Typically, you will have to start out by volunteering their services, or working as an assistant coach
  • A desire to coach is a great start but you should also either have, or be willing to learn, in-depth knowledge of the profession of coaching
  • To become a great sports coach, you’ll need to have a great ability to work in a team, inspire others, and guide and instruct your athletes. You’ll also need to be passionate about your chosen sport
  • Some national coaches earn in excess of $500,000 per annum including performance bonuses? General coaching positions typically range between $35,000 to $60,000 per annum, plus superannuation.

Want to launch your Sports Coaching Career?

If you’re interested in a career in sports coaching, ACPE’s Sports Coaching courses offers a unique mix of human movement and coaching studies, along with a variety of generic professional skills. ACPE’s Sports Coaching & Administration degree is a specialised degree that fosters the coaching, administrative and professional skills necessary for a fulfilling career in sport. Coaching and administration go hand-in-hand with this degree, so you will be armed with the skills and knowledge to launch your career in these dynamic fields. The course also allows you to specialise in either coaching or administration.

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