Finding Time for an Online Sports Coaching Course

by frank-stuart

Are you interested in a career in sports coaching, but you just don’t have the time to attend classes? Online sports coaching courses can be an excellent solution. Online learning can provide you with the flexibility to fit your studies into your current lifestyle, much in the same way that distance and correspondence learning did not so long ago. With online learning, if you have other responsibilities such as parenting or a full-time job, these don’t have to be a barrier to gaining new skills and earning the qualifications you need.

While online study can be an excellent way of undertaking a course, it is important to keep in mind that discipline is required. Good time management, communication and self-motivation are essential in completing an online educational course.

Tips for successful online learning

  1. Time management and scheduling – this is probably one of the most important aspects involved in study, online or not. However, when you are not attending classes in person it can be particularly easy to procrastinate and to put your studies behind everything else that needs doing. And if you’re interested in sports coaching, the chances are that you have personal sporting interests to work around.A way around this is to develop your own schedule and stick to it, at least as much as possible. For example, you could designate specific days and times during the week or weekend to devote to your course and take steps to remove all distractions during these times. To make it work you may need to tell your family and friends that – barring an emergency – you cannot be interrupted at these times.
  2. Develop a written timetable within your general time management schedule – this may need to be done weekly. It may involve designating certain blocks of time for specific tasks – such as Wednesday afternoon for research, Friday morning for completing that assignment, Saturday for watching online lectures and so on.
  3. Create a study space – this should be a place that flips your mind into ‘study mode’. It may be a room in your house, or somewhere outside of home such as a public library. Ideally this should be a space where distractions such as social media and the telephone are not easily accessible.
  4. Develop your own deadlines – school deadlines are one thing but creating your own can help avoid those last minute rushes. Good timetabling will help in this regard.
  5. Get involved in online discussions – online study can feel very isolating at times, and could leave you floundering a bit as to whether you are the only one experiencing this or that problem or issue. In tertiary studies other students can be a great source of support – so take the time to make the most of it and to offer support to others as well. It’s also a great way to make new friends who share your interest in sports and sports coaching.
  6. Ask for help and support when needed – as an adult student no one is going to hold your hand. If you are struggling with your studies you need to come out and ask questions and clarify problem issues with your instructors. Also, if you are finding it difficult to keep up with deadlines, speak to your course coordinator or instructor about what options might be available to help you.
  7. Keep up the motivation – with online learning, external motivators are limited and you need to create your own. This might involve rewarding yourself when you reach goals, or visualising yourself working in your dream job as a sport coach.

Finally, do what works best for you. You know yourself better than anyone else so it’s important to use the above as guidelines, but also to develop your own strategies for managing online studies and successfully completing your course.

The Australian College of Physical Education is an independent tertiary education institution that offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the related disciplines of sport, education, dance and health. Our Sports Coaching qualifications in particular, include a Bachelor of Sports Coaching delivered in Sydney Olympic Park as well as Online Sports Coaching Courses.

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