Future Rugby star Chris Talakai talks about his time at ACPE

by frank-stuart

Right from the get go, Chris Talakai knew that he wanted to study at ACPE. Whether this was influenced by his brother Sam (a current student) or by ACPE having the perfect course for him, since 2013 Chris has been moving towards his dream career.chris_talakai_1

“I’ve always liked working with kids and doing physical activities and sports. So, when I came across this course (that in some way combines these interests) I knew I had found what I was looking for.”

Currently studying a Bachelor of Health & Movement (Sport), Chris opens up about some of the most memorable times he has had while studying at ACPE’s Sydney Olympic Park campus.

“I’ve enjoyed it a lot here at ACPE, but I think the place as a whole will be the thing I remember the most. From certain teachers to individuals I’ve met, and the HD’s I got as well, thinking about ACPE will always bring back good memories.”

Although Chris is studying in order to begin his dream career within the health industry, playing professional Rugby will always be his number one goal. Just like the Elite Athletes who are studying at ACPE, Chris has been given the flexibility to balance his work, study and sporting commitments allowing him to create the future he wants.

“What will I be doing in 5 years? Well, hopefully playing in a professional environment somewhere, but the goal is to run my own business. I don’t want to be working for someone my whole life and that’s where I hope to use my ACPE skills.”

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