Could you handle a career as a Physiotherapist?

by frank-stuart

Hard-working, passionate and supportive – does this sound like you? If you’re looking for a way to combine your love of health, exercise and fitness into one truly rewarding career, then we here at ACPE have the answer – Physiotherapy.

If being a Physiotherapist is your dream career then why not study a Bachelor of Health Science (Exercise) from ACPE and see how easy it is to make your dreams a reality. Still not 100% sure if you could handle being a Physiotherapist? Then take a look at the information we’ve collected for you below (you’re welcome).

What tasks will you have to complete on a typical day?

Although they might have regular patients, the types of tasks that Physiotherapists are asked to complete may vary. From designing personalised exercise programs to evaluating an individual’s fitness, each day will hold new opportunities for you to practice your skills. In order to give you just a glimpse of what a typical day might look life for a Physiotherapist, we’ve listed a few of the most common tasks that they are asked to complete:

  • Perform fitness evaluations and determine physical limitations
  • Identify and document their client’s goals
  • Provide joint mobilisations and/or massages when needed
  • Advising and educating people on what strengthening exercises to complete
  • Liaising with other health professionals

If you’re a hard-working, passionate and people-focused individual, then a career as a Physiotherapist is perfect for you. Want to know more about what it takes to be a Physiotherapist or what your future could look like, then just click here or give one of our Career Advisers a call.

How can studying at ACPE help you become a Physiotherapist?

If you have your heart set on becoming a Physiotherapist but you didn’t get the ATAR that you needed to get straight into University or if you’ve decided to change careers, then we here at ACPE can help you. When you graduate with a Bachelor of Health Science (Exercise), you will be in the best position to continue your studies in a number of Health, Exercise & Fitness related fields.

Even if at the end of your studies you decide that Nursing, Exercise Science or even Rehabilitation is more your style, you can still use your Bachelor of Health Science (Exercise) from ACPE to build a career – how good is that! So why not give one of our Career Advisers a call today and have a chat about your journey to success and how ACPE can help you get there.


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