The Importance of Sports Classes in the National Curriculum

by frank-stuart

In Australia, physical education and sports are part of the school curriculum for everyone. With the increase in obesity rates, it is more important than ever that children are encouraged to have an active lifestyle from a young age. There are a number of reasons why sports classes are so important to include in the national curriculum.


According to the Australian Institute of Health and Well-being, one in every four Australian children is obese or overweight. The combination of an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, higher consumption of junk food and less time playing outdoors means that many children get little exercise outside of school.

Sports classes can help promote an active lifestyle and create healthy habits, which can hopefully continue throughout a child’s life. Participating in sports at school can lead to a lifetime of playing sports and this can have a big impact on long-term health.

Exercise has numerous health benefits, including weight management, increased energy, and preventing chronic diseases and starting sport at school can set up great habits for life.

Physical development

Participating in sport teaches children a range of different skills, which can enhance and promote healthy physical development. Muscle strength, agility, hand to eye co-ordination and endurance are all important to physical development.

Social benefits

Playing sports teaches valuable social skills and values like discipline and teamwork. It can also help children make friends and boost their confidence and self esteem, which can have positive benefits across other areas of their lives.

Sport can help reduce bad behaviour by giving children a healthy outlet for aggression and anger. This can lead to a more positive social environment as a whole, and a reduction in behavioural issues.

Learning enhancements

Playing sport and doing exercise can help improve kids’ energy levels and ability to focus during lessons.
Sport and exercise are great for helping kids manage anxiety and stress, which can in turn help them concentrate and function more effectively at school.

How can I get involved in sport classes for kids?

If you want to teach sport in schools or get involved in promoting and encouraging an active lifestyle for kids, there are a number of ways to go about it. A sports science degree along with a postgraduate teaching qualification will let you teach sport in schools.

As well as studying for a sports science degree in Sydney or elsewhere, other courses including a bachelor of applied fitness, can help pave the way to working in education.

Sports classes are an essential part of the national curriculum and by getting involved in sports education, you can help promote an active lifestyle to children and set them up for a healthy future.

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