Keeping healthy over the Chocolate season

by frank-stuart

If you adhere to these simple steps, you should find yourself enjoying yourself this chocolate season, not regretting it!

  1. Don’t deprive yourself!

The worst thing you could possibly do is tell yourself: “I’m not having any chocolate this year”. You’re already setting yourself up to fail, which will probably end up with you binge-eating late at night and waking up with a sugar hangover… insert poor Uter from the Simpsons here:

  1. Opt for ‘healthy’ chocolate:

Did you know, chocolate does have its health benefits? Get ready to rejoice, because dark chocolate (70% and higher) is an excellent source of anti-oxidants, can improve blood flow and lower blood pressure!

Bottom line… opt for Dark Chocolate.

  1. Sharing is caring

So you’ve received a mountain of chocolate from every Joe, Dick and Larry. We want you to throw out the excess, but we don’t mean throwing it in the rubbish, we mean disperse the excess in creative ways. Share your overload of sweets with family, friends, co-workers and neighbours!

  1. Go quality over quantity

Not all chocolate is created equal, don’t believe us? Watch this Chocolate expert guess which chocolate is expensive, verses which is cheap:

Lash out and get something small, luxe, and worth the indulgence!

  1. Stay active

Okay, we know; you can’t out exercise a bad diet. However, you will definitely feel less sluggish and less guilty for your increased sugar consumption by maintaining your exercise routine! Besides… the best time to splurge is post work out while your metabolism is still firing!

  1. Stock the pantry with healthier options

It doesn’t take long during this time of year before your pantry and fridge become overloaded with chocolate and hot cross buns. Make sure you plan ahead and stock up with healthier snack choices to turn to BEFORE you turn to the chocolate…. Or better yet! Make healthier at home versions of your favourites. Strawberries dipped in dark chocolate, or what about homemade hot cross buns? Change the flour to wholemeal, and control the quantity of sugar that goes into them.

Take a look at some of these healthy recipes if you are after some inspiration!

Healthy Hot Cross Buns

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