6 ways to limit the damage over Xmas!

by frank-stuart

No question, ’tis the season to be enjoying yourself as you spend quality time with family and friends. But there’s always the risk of falling into the over-eating and over-drinking trap which quite often leads to that good ole New Year’s Resolution to try and get the weight back off again…

ACPE has some easy tips from their nutrition classes that can help limit the indulgence over the Christmas and New Year break and make sure you maximise your enjoyment these holidays!

Choose the lite dietary options whenever you can

That Christmas turkey is actually a good option – it’s lean and packed with protein, mix it with some salad and there’s a yummy and lite option for Christmas lunch. Heavy, starchy, and carb-rich options are worth avoiding, especially as the party season wears on. So ditch the chocolate and go for the fruit, hold the gravy and grab some extra broccoli.

Get some exercise

Probably your structured exercise regime has gone by the wayside this time of year (very common, highly understandable). Solution? Make sure you replace it with plenty of informal activity. Cricket this time of year comes in 3 varieties – Beach, Backyard, and Boxing Day. We like the first kind because you get to splash around in the water afterwards. Or what about a frisbee or a football? Go on, get the family outdoors and have some fun!

Don’t over-eat!

You’ll just end up feeling sluggish and sleepy. No one needs that on Xmas morning, so watch those portion sizes and stick with lots of small, balanced meals at regular intervals. Take a break after eating and really think about whether you do in fact need another helping.

Don’t forget that drinks have calories too

Regardless of whether you’re sipping a beer or enjoying some cordial, remember that drinks can be just as dangerous to weight gain as food. Make an effort to keep hydrated by going one-for-one with a glass of water or try and stick to some low calorie options.

In conclusion, make moderation your motto

Enjoy a little bit of every thing this time of year has to offer (and avoid going the binge on any one thing) and you’re sure to come out well ahead!

And a little bit of trivia for you…

Give a bit more than you receive. Scientists from the University of Nebraska recently conducted studies that conclusively demonstrated that people who give more presents than they receive at Christmas have consistently lower body-fat percentages than those in the opposite camp. They also performed better in the beep test and cross-country run…

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