Who Are the Men and Women Behind the Scenes in Sport?

by frank-stuart

When you watch a TV show or a movie, you see the actors in the starring roles. But if you take a look at the credits later, it’s not hard to notice that there are literally hundreds of other people who are involved in the making of the production.

Sport is similar, in that you get to watch the players and medal winners performing in public, without seeing much of what happens behind the scenes. When you think about your favourite sport, your mind probably goes straight to the famous faces, not the hundreds of other people who are involved. We are not just talking about coaches and trainers either. There is a whole world of sports management and business professionals that as a sports fan, you might not have given much thought to, or even been aware of.

What is sports business management?

Sports business management is a field in itself. It involves running the business side of sport, such as managing teams, marketing and promotion, gaining sponsorships, organising events, media communication, facility management, sporting association office administration, financial management, and advising on contract deals.

Sports business professionals might also act as agents who manage a particular athlete’s or sportsperson’s career, which involves getting the best deals for their clients, and advising clients on lifestyle management.

Considerations for people attracted to sports business careers

To be a sports business professional, you need skills in business management, marketing, accounting, legal issues, administration, and communications. The first step is to gain some qualifications.

ACPE offers sports administration courses that are designed to kick-start your career in the sports business industry, and support your further professional development.

As a starting point, the Bachelor of Sports Business is a three-year full-time (or equivalent part-time) course, which can be undertaken either on-campus or online. The units studied include the following:

  • Core studies during the first two years – subjects such as sports marketing, economics, administration, event management, media, governance, and others.
  • During third year, students branch into more specialised areas – choosing from sports commerce, sports marketing, and lifestyle management.

This is an ideal course if you want a business career, but you also love sport and would like your profession to revolve around it.

The Graduate Diploma of Sports Administration provides enhanced knowledge of the legislative and commercial issues within the sports industry, for those looking at middle and senior level management positions. It is offered online, which makes it ideal if you need the flexibility to study around your work commitments.

For success in the field of sports business, you will need more than just qualifications, you will have to be highly motivated, skilled, and willing to work hard. The ever-evolving nature of the sports industry means you will also need to be flexible and adaptable. If this sounds like you, then a sports business career can offer a fantastic opportunity for you to make a rewarding career out of your passion for sport.

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