What makes muscles grow - are your muscles working for or against you?

by frank-stuart

Have you ever wondered why some people at the gym seem to be able to bulk up? Is it because they’re drinking protein shakes like it’s water? Perhaps it is all those hours spend working out on the bench press? Maybe it’s just because they have more muscle to gain? Well good news, it’s not what you’re drinking, pressing or genetics that determines how much muscle you gain – it’s how you treat them.

That’s right muscle buffs! Gaining (and keeping) that solid muscle definition you’ve been craving, all comes down to how you treat your muscles. It is all this pre and post workout care (stretching, hydration etc.) as well as how you work out which will determine whether your muscles will wither or grow. So are you doing all you can to keep your body firing on all cylinders – regardless of whether it is chest, back or calves day? Well watch this short video and find out for sure!


Flex your mental muscles while you watch this short video

Want to know more about how your muscles work and how you can super-charge your next gym workout? Then have a look at this 5-minute video from the TED-Ed team (cheers guys!).

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