Natural Boosts for Energy and Good Health

by frank-stuart

If you’re feeling overrun with work, study and even social activities, finding the energy to keep going can sometimes be a hard task. It’s easy to turn to caffeine in the form of coffee, cola or energy drinks. However this sort of artificial energy is not going to last, and it’s not particularly good for you. To help boost energy levels naturally – and avoid those caffeine addictions – try these smart tips.

Food for Thought

A healthy diet is key to an energetic you. Indulge in regular caffeine, sugar and fried food and you’ll be left drained and lethargic. To boost energy levels, look to fresh fruit and vegetables, low-fat dairy products, protein, complex carbohydrates, whole grains and nuts. Avoid fried, fatty and salt-laden takeaway and instead opt for pasta with a light sauce, meat or fish with vegetables or a light curry or stir-fry with brown rice. Many people also swear that smaller, more frequent meals are much more likely to help you maintain energy through the day. And don’t skip breakfast. A great, nutritious start to the day is essential.

Positive Drinking

Cutting down the coffee and energy drinks is a positive step towards a healthier body. Excess caffeine can give you a short-term energy boost but it will generally be followed by a major slump – and then the desire for even more caffeine. Get out of the cycle, and stay healthy, by switching to herbal tea. Herbal teas come in a huge range of flavours, and will leave you feeling more refreshed, and more balanced, than caffeine-laden alternatives.

Exercise for Energy

It’s no secret that fit and healthy types have a lot more energy than others. It may seem near impossible to start, but push yourself to begin regular exercise, and you’ll find it gets easier and easier as you go along. Exercise improves circulation and oxygen levels in the blood, helps you cope with stress, and sleep better at night. And that all means you’ll feel better –and more energetic – the next day. If you feel like you can’t fit in regular exercise, then start small. Try walking when you would usually drive, take the stairs instead of the lift, and look to activities that you enjoy, be it swimming, walking or anything else that takes your fancy.

The Wonder of Slumber

Sleep is nature’s wonder drug. Aim for around seven hours of sleep a night to ensure you feel well rested. The right amount of sleep will help keep your body healthy, help you avoid the need for energy drinks and help you maintain focus and concentration.

Rest for Rejuvenation

Life is about balance, and to help maintain energy levels, we need some relaxation and rejuvenation. Get outside and relax in the sunshine. Go for a long walk in the fresh air. Try mediation, yoga or aromatherapy. Relax with a long bath or a good book. They are all sure ways to help you maintain motivation, focus and energy.

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