Noon or night: When is the best time to exercise?

by frank-stuart

Trying to answer this age-old question has left us here at ACPE a little divided. Some of us exercise religiously every morning before work, while others prefer to take a class or two after the day is done. But is there a ‘right’ time to exercise? Could exercising at night do harm to your body clock? Well, regardless of whether you get moving in the morning, noon or night, here are some quick facts about exercising that we just had to set straight.

Get the facts

1. Exercising at night will keep you awake – FALSE!

This is a common misconception, which has been plaguing night owls for centuries. If you don’t have time to exercise in the morning that’s fine, people who exercise at night are just as likely to fall asleep at a normal time as their morning workout buddies.

2. You burn more calories when you work out in the morning – FALSE!

Research shows that it doesn’t matter when you choose to exercise, as it’s the type and duration of your workout that will determine how many calories you burn.

3. Working out at night can help you fall asleep – TRUE!

If you are finding it hard to doze off, go for a short walk or do some jumping jacks. Research has shown that even just 30 minutes of exercise before you go to sleep will not affect how much shuteye you get.

4. You must be consistent – TRUE!

Keeping your exercise routine consistent will ensure that you continue to get a great night’s sleep. The important thing to remember is just to keep moving and you will ensure that each night’s sleep is a good one.


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