What Sort of Fitness Trainer Do You Want to Be?

by frank-stuart

Fitness and wellness are huge industries these days in the western world. The increased use of cars and the rise in the number of sedentary occupations, combined with the availability of inexpensive tasty fast food, means many people are looking for ways to lose weight, tone up, improve athletic performance, or to just get healthier. All this of course is good news if you are a student who wants to pursue a career in fitness and training, as there is plenty of employment potential!

Fitness / personal training work environments

These may include gyms and recreation centres, sporting clubs, aquatic centres, corporations, or even your own business.

Types of personal trainer jobs

  • Group fitness instructor – group fitness classes usually include such programs as low-impact aerobics, body step or pump classes, and various others designed for specific age groups and needs. Group fitness training may be a good way to get your foot in the door in personal training and to make yourself known, or a good option if you only want to work part-time.
  • Personal trainer jobs – these include training clients in a gym environment or on your own, devising programs for them, and assisting them to achieve their goals – whether that is weight loss, body building, or improving health, fitness or sporting performance. You may also have the option of working in specialist fields – such as with children, the disabled or older adults. And who knows? If you work hard, are really ambitious – and perhaps a little lucky – you may one day find yourself as a personal trainer for a well-known celebrity!
  • Corporate fitness training – some big corporations these days are looking for trainers to instruct their employees in health and fitness as part of their wellness programs. Such programs may involve instruction in exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and wellbeing.
  • Other options – these may include working as a facilities manager, sports club trainer, program development manager, or aquatic teacher.

Which direction to take?

The kind of fitness or personal trainer you want to be will be largely determined by your skills, personality, preferences, and ambition. If you are an entrepreneurial type you may prefer to run your own business as a personal one-on-one trainer, or run group classes. However, if you prefer the security of a paid job, you might like to work for a local gym or for a corporation. If you would prefer not to train clients on a full-time basis, and you have good organisational skills, you might be interested in a facility or program managerial role.

Whatever you decide, being a good personal trainer involves more than just having an understanding of physiology. You really need to be someone who enjoys working with a diverse range of people, and who likes seeing them achieve their goals. And if you decide to run your own fitness business, you will need good skills in business and administration as well.

Your career in personal training does not have to remain static. You might start out in a particular area and work your way towards another goal. And just like fitness training itself, any work experience you gain along the way is valuable and can act as a stepping stone towards achieving your final goals.

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